This is episode one of the Corporate Hustle podcast hosted by Demishia Wright. This podcast is designed to help women excel from 9 to 5, build multiple streams of income, side hustles, empires from 5 to 9 and then invest so we make money in our sleep.

In Episode 2,  I interview Boss Cultivator, Janna B.  She is an awesome speaker, inspiration, and an anointed business voice you will instantly connect with.  Check out everything she is doing at JannaB.com.  I enjoyed and I am sure you will as well!

In Episode 3, I discuss multiple streams of income and why its important that you have them. SPOILER ALERT!  Your job is a stream of income, learn how the game of Craps helped sparked these thoughts.

In Episode 4, I interview the awesome Dr. Sharon H. Porter. She is an educator and an entrepreneur and is living out The Corporate Hustle lifestyle. She shares with us how she got started her side hustle, how she links it to her profession, and more.