Corporate Hustle Podcast: Wealth, Wine & Money Ep.15

In this episode of The Corporate Hustle Podcast, I discuss why I created the Wealth, Wine & Money Collective.

Wealth, Wine & Money Collective

Generational Wealth is Not Out of Reach!

Over the past two years, I have had offline events to bring together like-minded professionals and experts to understand what was missing that prevents women from unlocking generational wealth.

Time and time again it pointed to the lack of knowledge and then turning that knowledge into actionable steps that could be executed!    

The conversations, strategies, and information that was being shared at these events were amazing! BUT how could it be formalized? How could I teach and help professional women execute in real-time to increase their income and begin building real wealth?

Eureka the Wealth, Wine & Money Collective was born!

I am Demishia Samuels the Income Stream Architect and I want to invite YOU to become a part of the Wealth, Wine, & Money Collective. I am an award-winning STEM Professional and serial income stream builder who understands how to secure the bag inside and outside of Corporate America. I am on a mission to teach you how to thrive in any economic environment for your generation and the next.

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