Don’t Just Sell Yourself, Communicate Your value

Build Your Authority!

In this episode of the Corporate Hustle podcast we discuss ways women can sell more efficiently by communicating the value they bring.

This can be used inside or out of Corporate America! Grab your pen and paper to jot down how you will apply these tactics when building your personal brand.

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How Women Can Grow Their Authority

In this episode of the Corporate Hustle Podcast we discuss how you can build your authority inside and outside of Corporate America.

There were 5 key things you can do to grow your brand and business!

  1. Become a S.M.E.
  2. Social Media Reflection
  3. Engage The Community
  4. Find A Platform
  5. CTAs

Find out how you can implement these 5 key activities to grow your authority in your niche and industry.

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A Talk With Letia Wyatt, Children’s Book Author Ep. 17

In this week’s Corporate Hustle Podcast, I interviewed new children’s book author Letia Wyatt. Letia shares her journey from writing to consulting women like you and me who want to be authors.

This is pretty cool niche to tap into! Enjoy the episode. This week’s podcast was powered by

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Corporate Hustle Podcast: Wealth, Wine & Money Ep.15

In this episode of The Corporate Hustle Podcast, I discuss why I created the Wealth, Wine & Money Collective.

Wealth, Wine & Money Collective

Generational Wealth is Not Out of Reach!

Over the past two years, I have had offline events to bring together like-minded professionals and experts to understand what was missing that prevents women from unlocking generational wealth.

Time and time again it pointed to the lack of knowledge and then turning that knowledge into actionable steps that could be executed!    

The conversations, strategies, and information that was being shared at these events were amazing! BUT how could it be formalized? How could I teach and help professional women execute in real-time to increase their income and begin building real wealth?

Eureka the Wealth, Wine & Money Collective was born!

I am Demishia Samuels the Income Stream Architect and I want to invite YOU to become a part of the Wealth, Wine, & Money Collective. I am an award-winning STEM Professional and serial income stream builder who understands how to secure the bag inside and outside of Corporate America. I am on a mission to teach you how to thrive in any economic environment for your generation and the next.

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Ep. 10 The Confidence of Dj Khalid

In this episode of the Corporate Hustle Podcast I share with listeners 10 ways you can obtain the confidence of DJ Khalid. We all want to feel like WE ARE THE BEST and ALL WE DO IS WIN. Listen to the episode to explore exactly how to do that for your self.

In this episode of the Corporate Hustle Podcast I share with listeners 10 ways you can obtain the confidence of DJ Khalid. We all want to feel like WE ARE THE BEST and ALL WE DO IS WIN. Listen to the episode to explore exactly how to do that for your self.

This episode f the Corporate Hustle Podcast was sponsored by my Linkedin Masterclass. LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform to grow your professional brand and network. With over 600 Million users don’t just show up on LinkedIn dominate and use it to fuel your goals. This Masterclass will give you what you need to begin showing up with confidence on LinkedIn.

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Ep 6. Confidence: Get Some!

Welcome to episode 6 of the Corporate Hustle Podcast!

In this episode I discuss the importance of confidence and how it can impact your career and life.  I share ways to boost your confidence.

  1. Know your values
  2. Set Boundaries
  3. Be Decisive
  4. Ask for Opinions when you are Ready to accept them.
  5. Gage Where you are
  6. Reward Yourself


Also want to share with you a Free 16 Point LinkedIn Checklist! One way to begin to boost your confidence is to get out there and network.

Keep Hustling






Ep.5 Corporate Hustle Podcast 15 Habits for Girl Bosses


Episode 5 has finally arrived! Here are the 15 Habits!

15 Things I want Young Girl Bosses to do.

  1. Take Care of Yourself
  2. Communicate Effectively
  3. Exercise
  4. Listen To Listen, not to respond
  5. Unplugged to focus
  6. BE Better/ than You were yesterday
  7. Check Your Ego- Don’t come off as know it all
  8. Prioritization
  9. Stay Organized
    1. Goal Planning
    2. Planners
    3. Schedules
  10. Ball on a budget
  11. Spend quality time with people who are like-minded, go-getters
  12. Be Productive – rise earlier
  13. Declutter yourself/ tidy up/ get your environment on point
  14. Use time wisely
  15. Embrace Failure

How To Survive Long Ass Meetings

On Tuesday, I was in a meeting from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Although these meetings were necessary and very productive it still was hard. As a STEM Professional we live in meetings and emails it’s just our way of life.  This had me thinking,  what are my survival tips for being in a long ass meetings. Ask yourself these three questions before going into any meeting:pexels-photo-416405

  1.        What is my role in this meeting? You need to understand what level of participation will be required of you.

Observer: In this role listening and evaluating is your primary purpose and your opinion is not necessarily required but learning and obserering is. Be sure to give your feedback to management after the meeting. This demonstrates that you paid attention, understood the conversation, and then was able to make it relevant to what you do.     

Presenter:  In this role, you are actually going to be presenting and sharing information or knowledge with an audience.  Be engaged the whole meeting so that you can incorporate any relevant information you hear to your presentation.

Evaluator:  In this role, you need to bring all your meeting skills into play.  You need to be able to quickly question the information you hear, add value to information being presented, and show  you completely understand what is being presented.  The ability to remember facts, statistics, and other pertinent information is critical to be successful in this meeting. You should prepare for this meeting by knowing what is on the agenda and what is important in this meeting.  Often times your leadership will ask you to weigh in or even co-sign on the information that you are hearing. This is a great way showcase your expertise. Be careful more than likely when you  leave it will be with action items which will lead to follow-up meetings.

  1. What is going to be your fuel strategy?

Please make sure you have a strategy not to get “hangry” (hunger that causes anger) in the meeting. I know myself well enough to know that I’m less effective if I’m hungry or have low blood sugar, so I make sure that I have a snack and something to drink with me.  You need energy! Long meetings are the marathons of Corporate lifestyle. Drinking plenty of fluids is also smart. You stay alert, and (bonus) the bathroom trips those drinks will necessitate will give you an excuse to get out of your chair.pexels-photo-272887.jpeg

  1.  Are you focused?

I think an 18-hour online bridge meeting is my record for a continuous meeting where I actually had to be engaged.   To keep things straight, you may want to consider bringing an old-fashioned paper notebook with you to meetings along with your laptop. The simple act of distilling and writing key pieces of information helps me remember. Depending on your role in a meeting  you should limit multitasking and focus on being present.   Try to interact–a lot. Asking questions and really engaging with not only those presenting but those in attendance helps you remember as well. A good rule of thumb: If you’re able to do something else during a meeting, you shouldn’t be there. (But sometimes your boss just wants you there anyway lol)

Long as meetings will always be a necessary evil in Corporate life, so be sure to have a plan going in.


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