How Women Can Grow Their Authority

In this episode of the Corporate Hustle Podcast we discuss how you can build your authority inside and outside of Corporate America.

There were 5 key things you can do to grow your brand and business!

  1. Become a S.M.E.
  2. Social Media Reflection
  3. Engage The Community
  4. Find A Platform
  5. CTAs

Find out how you can implement these 5 key activities to grow your authority in your niche and industry.

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Ep. 10 The Confidence of Dj Khalid

In this episode of the Corporate Hustle Podcast I share with listeners 10 ways you can obtain the confidence of DJ Khalid. We all want to feel like WE ARE THE BEST and ALL WE DO IS WIN. Listen to the episode to explore exactly how to do that for your self.

In this episode of the Corporate Hustle Podcast I share with listeners 10 ways you can obtain the confidence of DJ Khalid. We all want to feel like WE ARE THE BEST and ALL WE DO IS WIN. Listen to the episode to explore exactly how to do that for your self.

This episode f the Corporate Hustle Podcast was sponsored by my Linkedin Masterclass. LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform to grow your professional brand and network. With over 600 Million users don’t just show up on LinkedIn dominate and use it to fuel your goals. This Masterclass will give you what you need to begin showing up with confidence on LinkedIn.

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How To Survive Long Ass Meetings

On Tuesday, I was in a meeting from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Although these meetings were necessary and very productive it still was hard. As a STEM Professional we live in meetings and emails it’s just our way of life.  This had me thinking,  what are my survival tips for being in a long ass meetings. Ask yourself these three questions before going into any meeting:pexels-photo-416405

  1.        What is my role in this meeting? You need to understand what level of participation will be required of you.

Observer: In this role listening and evaluating is your primary purpose and your opinion is not necessarily required but learning and obserering is. Be sure to give your feedback to management after the meeting. This demonstrates that you paid attention, understood the conversation, and then was able to make it relevant to what you do.     

Presenter:  In this role, you are actually going to be presenting and sharing information or knowledge with an audience.  Be engaged the whole meeting so that you can incorporate any relevant information you hear to your presentation.

Evaluator:  In this role, you need to bring all your meeting skills into play.  You need to be able to quickly question the information you hear, add value to information being presented, and show  you completely understand what is being presented.  The ability to remember facts, statistics, and other pertinent information is critical to be successful in this meeting. You should prepare for this meeting by knowing what is on the agenda and what is important in this meeting.  Often times your leadership will ask you to weigh in or even co-sign on the information that you are hearing. This is a great way showcase your expertise. Be careful more than likely when you  leave it will be with action items which will lead to follow-up meetings.

  1. What is going to be your fuel strategy?

Please make sure you have a strategy not to get “hangry” (hunger that causes anger) in the meeting. I know myself well enough to know that I’m less effective if I’m hungry or have low blood sugar, so I make sure that I have a snack and something to drink with me.  You need energy! Long meetings are the marathons of Corporate lifestyle. Drinking plenty of fluids is also smart. You stay alert, and (bonus) the bathroom trips those drinks will necessitate will give you an excuse to get out of your chair.pexels-photo-272887.jpeg

  1.  Are you focused?

I think an 18-hour online bridge meeting is my record for a continuous meeting where I actually had to be engaged.   To keep things straight, you may want to consider bringing an old-fashioned paper notebook with you to meetings along with your laptop. The simple act of distilling and writing key pieces of information helps me remember. Depending on your role in a meeting  you should limit multitasking and focus on being present.   Try to interact–a lot. Asking questions and really engaging with not only those presenting but those in attendance helps you remember as well. A good rule of thumb: If you’re able to do something else during a meeting, you shouldn’t be there. (But sometimes your boss just wants you there anyway lol)

Long as meetings will always be a necessary evil in Corporate life, so be sure to have a plan going in.


The Corporate Hustler


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Queen Bey Business Princpals

Its Virgo season and although I am an Aries, I decided to study one of my favorite celebrity Virgos, and the business habits she exhibits. Beyoncé Knowles is known for her awesome music, style, and famous relationships, but there is so much more. She is the ultimate businesswoman and her business principals should be considered as we build our own empires! In celebration of her birthday, here are some business principles we can take from Queen Bey.

 Know what you want and go after it. It does not matter if you are starting a business or career; you have to know what you are chasing in life.  At a young age Beyoncé was confident in her talents and abilities so much so, that her parents invested in them. You must have a clear vision so that people know how to support you, recommend you, and connect you to the right people. Trust in your abilities the way Queen Bey does and you will begin to see opportunities open up before your very eyes.

Don’t do what is expected create anticipation. In business never tell someone your next move.   Move in silence, and let your actions speak. Beyoncé broke the record industry mold in how you market and drop albums, and now we all wait in anticipation for what she will do next. Creating anticipation within your fan base and clients, will keep them emotionally invested in what you are doing and lead to high rates of engagement for your projects.

 Trust your Gut, you know that little voice in you. Beyoncé knew as her career grew that things must change. She constantly has to re-create herself as an artist, but also in the business moves she makes. She trusted her instincts and let her long-term manager, her father, go. What gets you to one place will not necessarily get you to next place.  People believe that most business decisions are made strictly by what the numbers say, but you must always listen to your inner self. This becomes critical when determining if certain business relationships are healthy for you. In business, it’s tough to say ‘no’ sometimes or make a difficult decision, but you have to trust your instincts.

Women Empower Women – You are your sister’s keeper in life and in business. Beyoncé is the queen of making female anthems. We need to practice what we hear. Who runs the world… collaborate, support, and recommend them. Beyoncé stresses how important it is that women work together and look out for one another.  In your endeavors be sure to have your sisters back!

Being Polite and Business Do Not Mix – Women often times are overly polite in business because they do not want to come across as angry or overly aggressive. Queen Bey tells us “You can be fair, but being polite was not me being fair to myself,” Make sure you are being fair to yourself when you are dealing with people.   No one will treat you better than you treat yourself in business. If you want to get anywhere in your business or career, you have to know when to be polite, and when to be fair to yourself.

Collaborate to expose yourself. If you utilize cross promotion the way Queen Bey does, you will expose your personal brand and/or products to a larger market share. Collaboration is a critical component in your business strategy and Queen Bey knows this. If you are in business of any kind, you should be strategically cross collaborating with other brands. You have seen Beyoncé perform and create awesome music with artist such as Coldplay, Shakira, Prince, Drake, Bruno Mars, and countless others, all helping her to expose herself to new markets that she might not have been exposed to alone. Collaborative opportunities provide scalability, disruption, and connectivity on a higher level.

Always Be Humble and Authentic.  As you begin to hit your career and business goals in life, remember to stay true to whom you are and what you believe in.  In life, business opportunities, endorsements, and various ways to make money may test what you believe in. You will be tempted to do what is popular, and maybe stray away form your brand message and what you believe. When these times come, and they will, remember what Beyoncé has told us, “Always stay grateful, best revenge is your paper”! Stay true to yourself.

Happy Birthday Beyoncé! These are my takeaways from evaluating Beyoncé and her business principals. What is you opinion on how she has become a mogul money making machine? Feel free to share!


Demishia Wright, The Corporate Entrepreneur

See You At The Top, The Bottom Is Crowded.




King of Pop Business Moves

August 29, 1958 was the day Michael Jackson the King of Pop was born.  He would have been 58 years old today.   Let’s take a moment on this day to reflect on some of the great business principles that MJ left us.

  1. Leave a legacy – The King of Pop is currently the highest earning deceased artist. Move over Elvis and John Lennon, because Michael Jackson left a legacy that will be profitable forever. The Guinness Book Of World Records added a new category for Highest-Earning Deceased Artist and he gained the top honor. In the first year after his passing in 2009, Jackson’s estate reportedly brought in $1 billion in revenue. Michael Jackson owns the distinction of having the biggest recording contract of all time.  Nine months after his passing, the estate of Michael Jackson signed a deal with Sony Records that give the company access to a vast vault of unreleased recordings for 250 million dollars.
  2. Be the Best of the Best-  Competition was no problem for Michael Jackson, he constantly reinvented himself and let his creativity keep him an expert in his industry.  If you need proof of this, Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist of all time.  The King of Pop has 23 Guinness World Records, 40 Billboard Music Awards, 13 Grammy Awards, and 26 American Music Awards, and tons of other awards to his credit.  Michael Jackson has won more awards than any other musical artist.  The King of Pop has also received congressional honors for his humanitarian outreach efforts.
  3. Invest In Property – We all know that buying property is the way to grow wealth.  The Gloved One knew this as well; buying the Neverland Ranch for $20 million in 1987 was an excellent real estate move. The property is now said to be worth almost $90 million.   Don’t sink $35 million into improvements or wants into property like Jackson did and you will be fine.
  4. Your Circle should be Smarter than You-   One of Jackson’s best business habits was to keep sharp and insightful advisers around him. John Branca, who negotiated many lucrative deals for Jackson was instrumental in his wealth. He has done a remarkable job with the singer’s estate thus far. It was Branca who scored the industry-leading royalty rate for Thriller that Michael Jackson enjoyed at the time (nearly $2 per album sold), allowing him to reap untold profits from what turned out to be the best-selling album of all time.
  5. Make Strategic Business Moves – In 1985, he paid $47.5 million to buy a publishing catalog that included 250 Beatles songs. Ten years later Sony paid Jackson $90 million for half the rights, forming a joint venture called Sony/ATV.  This move in 1985 has provided huge dividends.  The Jackson estate and Sony share ownership of the catalog, which now boasts half a million songs including titles by Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Eminem and other artists. Industry insiders and experts have this catalog valued near $1.5 billion, based on estimated proceeds of $50 million to $100 million per year.   Let’s do the math, which means an estimated mark up of a 3,000% increase in value from the catalog’s initial purchase price.

These were just some of the few business moves that Jackson made. On this day don’t just reflect on his musical greatness but his business acumen as well!

Until next time, See You at the top because the Bottom Is Crowded





Networking Hollywood Style

Networking Hollywood Style

In Tinsel Town networking is everything. Let’s examine how to apply their networking strategies to your everyday networking endeavors. Hollywood owns networking, you are who you know there. It does not matter if you are trying to land your dream job or make great business contacts, networking is a must.   You can learn from Hollywood they just get it right, networking is a lifeline and a lifestyle.

  1. Find the Access Point. In Hollywood an agent normally does this for you.   In our world you are going to have to find the access points yourself. You need to find the who, what, when, and where in your industry.   In order to become known in your industry you need to know the key players and what they are doing, where they are going, and what they are saying.
  1. Get Engaged Now. Online networking is awesome, you can see the who, what, when, and where for your industry and even meet some key players. However, think like a Hollywood star and create the f
    ace-to-face meeting. You must physically show up to build your network. It’s time to give it that personal touch, and creating meaningful relationships is key. Showing up is the first key to networking.
  1. Gone in 60 seconds. Well you actually have more like 10-15 seconds to make a first impression. Just like Hollywood Directors screen through hundreds of actors and make split- second decisions, people are doing the same to you. It is estimated that it takes less than 10 seconds to make an impression on someone so make sure it’s the right one.
  1. Follow Up, Again Follow Up. – A famous saying in Hollywood is “have your people call my people”. This is real there is so much power in the follow-up. People go to tons of networking events and meet people but after the event no one follows up. This is critical part of networking, it’s where networking actually begins.

These are just a few tips to networking like the stars. Please remember to be diverse and get to know a variety of people because you never know who can help get you to the next level.


12 Ways to Serve In 2016

12 Ways to give back in 2016

I recently did a Periscope on how I served in 2015. Here are some resources and ideas to help you be of service in 2016!


Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Muhammad Ali

January- Use MLK Holiday to participate in service activity in your community. You can good to a food pantry, participate in voter registration drive, or help clean up the community.‎

February – Take a moment and learn about something you didn’t know related to Black History. Also encourage youth to learn about black history figures don’t always think about (Charles Drew, Madame CJ Walker etc.)

March – Women’s History Month and it’s a great time to raise funds for upcoming 5Ks. There are so many to choose from. I participate in March of Dimes each year, and use March to raise funds awareness about preventing pre-mature births and defects.

April- It is my birthday month, this past year created the I am Enough Campaign for women who cannot afford to attend awesome empowerment events and activities. Purchase a T-Shirt and join the movement.

May- Support another great 501c3 in your area! I make it a habit every year to support Show Me Shoes, a great non-profit that does things in 3 cities Atl/LA/Kanas City. Their main activity is the collection and distribution of prom dresses to well deserving young ladies. They also conduct workshops on self –esteem and provide mentors for girls who need them.

June- Self Esteem Really Matters, I conduct workshops for girls around late elementary/Middle school age to reinforce a healthy positive self-image. This is the time in young girl’s life where their self-esteem starts to fade.

July- Plan and check on the Elderly! You must plan to be the change you want in the community. Take this time to think of creative and impactful activities you can be involved in. Also the summer can be brutal to the elderly, check on them to make sure they are ok in the heat.

August- Come out and attend the I am Enough Empowerment Brunch. Every ticket sold helps another soul be empowered.1,width=400,height=400,appearanceId=595

Sept- Teachers, think of our teachers! Donate classroom supplies to teachers and schools in need.

October- This is a great weather month in south at least to run a 5K. I want to spotlight The H.O.P.E. Inc. is another awesome organization that helps single parents who have at least part time job and are in school full time, that don’t qualify for assistance help they need and deserve. They host an annual 5K that helps fund their mission.

November- Grab your family and help someone else’s family. Create a Thanksgiving baskets, volunteer at a Soup Kitchen/Food Bank and of course check on the elderly that cannot get to their families.

December- Service Blitz time! Leave the year in a ball of service fire! Find a mentee, adopt a family, decorated door for elderly in a facility, host a clothing drive with friends and families, do anything that makes you feel good and helps the community.

Leadership is all about serving others, have a great 2016!


The Corporate Entrepreneur

Are you a S.M.E.?

Hello Corporate Entrepreneurs!

A subjectmatter expert (SME) is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic.  Having uncommon knowledge and understanding of a process, product or system is how one gets the title of subject matter expert!

In the upcoming guide for young professions:

21 Questions You MUST Answer to Succeed in Corporate America

We ask the question Are you a Subject Subject Matter Expert?

To excel you need to become great at something. Your direct management, peers, and customers should be able pin point you as the go to person for something. Being a subject matter expert does not imply that you don’t know or understand other aspects of your business unit or organization, it just says you have vested enough time to learn something to be a value when needed. Once you have mastered one process, system, or product you naturally expand to become a subject matter expert in another eventually mastering it from end to end.

Success Is Not Accidental