Are you a S.M.E.?

Hello Corporate Entrepreneurs!

A subjectmatter expert (SME) is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic.  Having uncommon knowledge and understanding of a process, product or system is how one gets the title of subject matter expert!

In the upcoming guide for young professions:

21 Questions You MUST Answer to Succeed in Corporate America

We ask the question Are you a Subject Subject Matter Expert?

To excel you need to become great at something. Your direct management, peers, and customers should be able pin point you as the go to person for something. Being a subject matter expert does not imply that you don’t know or understand other aspects of your business unit or organization, it just says you have vested enough time to learn something to be a value when needed. Once you have mastered one process, system, or product you naturally expand to become a subject matter expert in another eventually mastering it from end to end.

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