3 Networking Tips For Beginners

Here are 3 great tips to start your networking journey.

Networking Tip 1:

Dedicate time for writing ‘power hours’.
Spend an hour each week handwriting notes to you potential mentors, people you want to interact with, and connections. This brings a personal touch they remember you by. You can also send an email checking up on them, asking how you can be of service. Don’t let the first time they hear from you be when you need something from them. Make sure your communications speak to your specific relationship with the recipient. If you don’t have time, you can also use services, such as Greetabl or MailLift, that send handwritten notes and even small themed packages for you.

Networking Tip 2: Learn to become an asset.
Think: How you can help other people? You can find out later how they can help you. The giver mentality results in authenticity and confidence. You won’t seem desperate like you are trying too hard because you are not asking for anything. Shift your mindset away from the taker mentality, because in this mindset you are coming from a place of scarcity and you come across as needy. When you go to networking events or are trying to connect and build your network focus on shifting into the giver mentality. This will help you operate from a place of abundance, you are calmer because you not expecting anything. This makes you a magnet for people. Being a giver helps you make meaningful business and personal connections.

Networking Tip 3:

It is time to identify and get to know superconnectors? A disproportionate number of friends and opportunities come your way through a handful of people. These are “superconnectors.” If you are bad at networking, then get to know the person who “knows everyone”. The way you can begin to identify this person(s) is by asking the following questions. Who helped get you your current job? Your previous job? Through whom did you meet the majority of your friends? Seeing any patterns?

Remember Success Is Not Accidental
Demishia Wright
The Corporate Entrepreneur

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