My PeriGod Mothers: Periscopers to Follow

I joined Periscope and realized there is an overload of information there to help anyone with social media and their business endeavors. I don’t want you to compare your beginnings or mine to where they are in their journeys. I created this awesome list of virtual mentors who pop into Periscope like fairy god mothers and share golden nuggets.   I still have to research and execute on their nuggets to create my own greatness but in the meantime please enjoy them. They are all at different stages in their careers but all give me life, strategy, and energy to pursue my dreams and goals.

Replay of my PeriScope:

FYI they are not in any order but for all have a pen and paper so you can be SERVED:

@NapturalNicole also known as ScOprah and is a ball of energy! She will help you get your COINS and if you are not getting them she makes you feel like why NOT! I watched her quit her job on Periscope and has been in full get it done mode since!

Shade Y. Adu @shadeyaabirago – She has an energy that I just adore! You can see her hustle and passion for her brand. She gives you great content that you can use as a beginner building your brand. She loves lists and is always on the GO!

@ChaleneJohnson- She is just a calm Periscope BOSS! Everything about her screams Success! She has work , life, wealth balance figured out. I was on the Periscope when she popped into Nicole’s Scope and from there I saw what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Follow her on Periscope and she has great Podcasts.

@AudraRichmond- She is just so real with you on her scopes. She recently moved to Atlanta but that has not slowed her down. If you love great information on how the pros do it behind the scenes she gives you all the secrets that will help you with your coaching and speaking endeavors. She uses Facebook Ads and Analytics  like nobody’s business.

@byReginaTV- If you are a Infopreneur, Coach, or Creative you need to be following her period, no need to say more. Get on it Ninjas.

@KimGarst- SOCIAL BOOM! She gives you everything to get your life right on your social media platforms.

@ChristineDwyer- Gives you usable techniques and strategy in social media. Her techniques work for product based and service based entrepreneurs. She is a legit boss that seems so down to earth with great content.

@Mattieologie – Follow Mattie if you have blog. She gives you techniques, strategies, and examples to get your blog on point. If you want an awesome blog that actually creates revenue then you need to be watching her on Periscope. CONSISTENCY that is all Carry On!

@MayaElious – Do you need to find your purpose? Follow Maya Do you need to get your brand together? Follow Maya Want to see a cool pyramid on how info products can work for you? Follow Maya She is young but is wise beyond her years!

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