Ep.5 Corporate Hustle Podcast 15 Habits for Girl Bosses


Episode 5 has finally arrived! Here are the 15 Habits!

15 Things I want Young Girl Bosses to do.

  1. Take Care of Yourself
  2. Communicate Effectively
  3. Exercise
  4. Listen To Listen, not to respond
  5. Unplugged to focus
  6. BE Better/ than You were yesterday
  7. Check Your Ego- Don’t come off as know it all
  8. Prioritization
  9. Stay Organized
    1. Goal Planning
    2. Planners
    3. Schedules
  10. Ball on a budget
  11. Spend quality time with people who are like-minded, go-getters
  12. Be Productive – rise earlier
  13. Declutter yourself/ tidy up/ get your environment on point
  14. Use time wisely
  15. Embrace Failure

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