Ep 7 A Convo With Shynnelle Collier

Hustle Notes from Episode 7 of the Corporate Hustle Podcast

Interview Guest: Shynnelle Collier as so know as the MUA Marketer

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About My Guest Shynnelle Collier:

Hello to my Make-Up Artists! I am Shynnelle Expert Digital Marketer, Speaker and CEO of Chai Lunden LLC. Just like you , I am a HUGE lover and consumer of the beauty industry.  My career journey was all broken apart into pieces; my passion was anything related to hair and makeup. You could call me a beauty consultant as I am master at the twist of a flat iron, or applying a beat face and lashes. However, instead of getting certified I put twenty plus years into corporate Training, and Project Management along with struggling as a side-hustling Multi-Level Marketer for years to no avail. What exactly was my purpose? As Steve Jobs said, we can only connect dots looking backwards and I was able to connect it on my own. I had invested time and money into practicing and perfecting marketing strategies and Entrepreneurship. But I wasn’t reaching the level of success I desired. I had to ask myself, and I will also ask you; “ What are you willing to sacrifice to walk in your purpose? It took several losses, failures and disappointments to figure out what I was willing to do to manifest abundance in my personal and business life.
I continued to push forward and in 2013 I started my first official marketing consulting agency, Chai Lunden LLC. I received my first client, a beauty salon proprietor and moved on to coach small beauty businesses into the sector of digital marketing and through that journey I put in days and nights to help other businesses grow. I’ve commonly had a small community of business owners whom I’ve taught everything I’ve explored after making investments in myself for the last two decades and I loved doing it.In January 2018, my enterprise acquired our first brand collaboration and affiliation with Social Wealth Marketing. Together Chai Lunden LLC. & Social Wealth Marketing (SWM) provide DFY (done for you) marketing support and business scaling strategies for celebrity Hair Stylists & Make-Up Artists. What sets my company apart from other marketing agencies is my direct experience and exposure to this emerging career of the MUA, and I also understand the challenges that a Make-Up Artists face to claim a spot in this digital world! 
Benefits of consulting with me we will be getting clear on your business goals create your social media content marketing plan that will attract your desired clients in the right industry.
You will learn how to leverage Instagram and Linkden to increase your followers and make money.
I will provide you with the tools and strategies to save time while making your brand visible on Social Media so you are able focus and operate in your creative genius! You will get a fusion of expert marketing strategies and done for you content marketing services that will take your beauty brand to the next level.Chai Lunden LLC has worked with some of the best in beauty influencers in the industry and can help you too. Below is a quote from the owner of Beat Beauty Bar a full service salon and MUA out of Atlanta GA is testament to the success I can create for your business.“My name is Brandi Mott owner of Beat Beauty Bar. I have been a salon owner for over 20 years in Atlanta. In 2016 I saw a shift in my salon business for the worst. The more popular social media became the more my salon services decreased. I was frustrated and had to figure out how to save my business and gain traction using the internet but I had no idea where to start!I started working with Shynnelle in 2017 and took her Branding course “Business Therapy” and gained clarity on how I needed to brand and market my salon and services using social media. I learned the importance of discovering my ideal client and how to discover my niche in the industry. My online presence increased and I increased my salon walk in clients! One thing I appreciate about Shynnelle is her passion and willingness to share here knowledge and experiences. To date I appreciate her support and I cannot wait for here Instagram marketing course! This woman knows her business and is a wealth of information. My business went from non existent to a successful branded business online with a marketing game plan for the future. Working with her has been a WIN for Beat Beauty Bar! Thank you Shynnelle!”
Email for consultation: info@chatwithshy.com

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