Get a Quality Network Now

9 Ways to get a Quality network!

  1. Say to yourself QUALITY over QUANTITY. Meeting everyone will not help you cultivate relationships. The key to networking is figuring out how you can be of service.
  2. At events don’t become a grasshopper. Hopping from person to person will get you nowhere. You are making the people you meet feel like you are ready to move to the next person. Slow down, it is completely okay not to meet everyone.
  3. Stop, relax, and listen. Networking is about building lasting relationships. Take time to create a genuine connection with someone. One quality connection is worth more than tons of vague encounters.
  4. Become a prosecutor against yourself when you are speaking to people. Build a great case as to why they should know you. What can you offer each other? Let people know that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship.
  5. The art of storytelling is key in networking. You are a human resource and your stories should convey that. During conversations exchange relevant stories that convey your worth.
  6. Build a bridge with the person on the spot. Find out what they are working on or how you can help them. Set yourself up to be on their mind by setting up another meeting.
  7. Solutions are what people are looking for. Find out during these encounters what issues they have that are preventing them from reaching their goals. Challenge and position yourself to be the solution for your network.
  8. Don’t be a one-stop shop. Continuously position yourself as a solution, a resource again and again and then again.
  9. The personal touch never goes out of style. Although social media can open doors be sure to follow up with a personal touch.

Always do these things when networking; Be Selective, Listen Intently, Be Discrete, and Provide Solutions.

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