12 Ways to Serve In 2016

12 Ways to give back in 2016

I recently did a Periscope on how I served in 2015. Here are some resources and ideas to help you be of service in 2016!



Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Muhammad Ali

January- Use MLK Holiday to participate in service activity in your community. You can good to a food pantry, participate in voter registration drive, or help clean up the community. www.rockthevote.com‎

February – Take a moment and learn about something you didn’t know related to Black History. Also encourage youth to learn about black history figures don’t always think about (Charles Drew, Madame CJ Walker etc.) http://www.africanamericanhistorymonth.gov/

March – Women’s History Month and it’s a great time to raise funds for upcoming 5Ks. There are so many to choose from. I participate in March of Dimes each year, and use March to raise funds awareness about preventing pre-mature births and defects.


April- It is my birthday month, this past year created the I am Enough Campaign for women who cannot afford to attend awesome empowerment events and activities. Purchase a T-Shirt and join the movement. http://www.demishia.com

May- Support another great 501c3 in your area! I make it a habit every year to support Show Me Shoes, a great non-profit that does things in 3 cities Atl/LA/Kanas City. Their main activity is the collection and distribution of prom dresses to well deserving young ladies. They also conduct workshops on self –esteem and provide mentors for girls who need them. showmeshoes.org/

June- Self Esteem Really Matters, I conduct workshops for girls around late elementary/Middle school age to reinforce a healthy positive self-image. This is the time in young girl’s life where their self-esteem starts to fade.

July- Plan and check on the Elderly! You must plan to be the change you want in the community. Take this time to think of creative and impactful activities you can be involved in. Also the summer can be brutal to the elderly, check on them to make sure they are ok in the heat.

August- Come out and attend the I am Enough Empowerment Brunch. Every ticket sold helps another soul be empowered.1,width=400,height=400,appearanceId=595

Sept- Teachers, think of our teachers! Donate classroom supplies to teachers and schools in need.

October- This is a great weather month in south at least to run a 5K. I want to spotlight The H.O.P.E. Inc. is another awesome organization that helps single parents who have at least part time job and are in school full time, that don’t qualify for assistance help they need and deserve. They host an annual 5K that helps fund their mission. www.hopbe.org

November- Grab your family and help someone else’s family. Create a Thanksgiving baskets, volunteer at a Soup Kitchen/Food Bank and of course check on the elderly that cannot get to their families.

December- Service Blitz time! Leave the year in a ball of service fire! Find a mentee, adopt a family, decorated door for elderly in a facility, host a clothing drive with friends and families, do anything that makes you feel good and helps the community.

Leadership is all about serving others, have a great 2016!


The Corporate Entrepreneur

Gift Guide The Professionals You Love

Need some last minute gift ideas for your favorite professionals.  Here are some awesome ideas, all ready to ship in time for Christmas!

Sleep Master Sleep Mask- You need to well rested and ready to take on your dreams each day.  This Mask will help you get those well deserved Zzzzzzzzz!


Moleskine Classic Notebook- Young Professionals need to write down their goals and dreams.  This classic notebook is so sleek and awesome you won’t lose it! Pick one up for your favorite professional today.



Executive Office solution Laptop Desk Stand- As professionals we spend hours at a desk sitting,that’s not good.  Get this laptop stand that will allow them the option to stand while sit working.  This is awesome efficient exercise.


Who Moved My Cheese- This classic book is a must read for any professional who wants to rise to the top.  They first need to understand that change is inevitable and this books brilliantly demonstrates this.

who moved

21 Questions You Must Answer to Succeed In Corporate America- This is a great success guide that will help any young professionals begin their careers.  Help them unlock the keys to success!

The Corporate Entrepreneur Smaller

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The Corporate Hustler’s Code

The Corporate Hustler’s Code

  1. Decide what you want for life. What makes you work, what makes you happy, what motivates you? Corporate Hustlers have a WHY that drives their actions. Non-hustlers drift.
  2. Develop your ability to create value for others. Don’t think about yourself; think about what you can do for others. Your ability to have the life you want will be directly proportionally to your ability to create value that others are willing to pay for. Non-hustlers don’t work hard enough at creating value for others.
  3. Build your capabilities. You must become a subject matter expert at something. Investing in your personal brand and1,width=400,height=400,appearanceId=164,backgroundColor=C60C91professional development is critical. This increase and improves your ability to create value for others which in turns builds your worth.
  4. Execute. The number one action of a Corporate Hustlers is execution. They do quality work at a high level. Corporate Hustlers act with urgency.  Corporate Hustlers do not succeed at everything. They do learn from failures adapt and grow!
  5. Grind it out. Corporate Hustlers will not be out worked. They work smarter not harder however they will grind out the work. They start work before others do. Execution isn’t easy. It often means working away at some obstacle until you breakthrough.
  6. Promote your successes. You cannot sit around and be silent. Corporate Hustlers promote themselves. They begin to build a track record of success that they can proudly share.
  7. Create opportunities. Corporate Hustlers seek new opportThe Corporate Entrepreneur Smallerunities they are not waiting for that dream job, next project, or promotion etc. They look for areas where they make a difference and then insert themselves appropriately. The difference a Corporate hustler makes moves them closer to their goals. Corporate Hustlers don’t wait for opportunity to knock they kick in the door! Non-hustlers hope someone discovers them one day.
  8. TeamWork. Corporate Hustlers are team players, they aren’t lone wolves. They understand that to get big tasks and projects done you have to call in proper resources. Corporate Hustlers do not mind sharing the credit. They understand that promoting other people they work with who helped them achieve their successes is a great thing.
  9. Never Satisfied. Corporate Hustlers tackle bigger and bigger goals and projects. They do not get complacent and slow down. They climb their ladder of success they don’t just sit around. They gain momentum so they can quickly and efficiently climb the ladder.
  10. Celebrate & Reward. Corporate Hustlers celebrate their victories and accomplishments. They enjoy the rewards of the hustle. They’ve earned those rewards, and celebration of victories is part of the hustle.


Demishia Wright
The Corporate Entrepreneur

10 Sites to help with Career Growth

Growing your career requires research here are 10 sites to help you do that.

The Wall Street Journal: There is more in there than stWall-Street-Journal-logo-741965ocks and bonds. It is packed with information about job market trends and information that can help you identify industries and companies you should pursue as you climb the corporate ladder!

USAJobs.com: Would you like information regarding Federal jobs? This is a great place to begin. It has job posting of federal jobs all over the country.

Internships.com: Are you still in college or need experience to transition into a new career. This is the largest marketplace for internships.

dice imageDice.com – Are you searching for technology and engineering positions? This site is great niche job posting site to help you narrow down the search.

Idealist.com – Longing to work in the non-profit sector, well this site largest employment board for non-profit jobs.

Glassdoor- Would you like to know about the company before you get there? Need background information? Glassdoor.com bills itself as the TripAdvisor of jobs.

Simplyhired.com : This is a search engine job posting site, better way to describe it is like a Google for job posting. It can help you survey the large massive amounts of job postings out there.

IndeedlogoIndeed.com – This is an excellent job search engine that actually aggregates the data it gets form job postings and information sites to give you a condensed information for your job search.

LINKEDIN- I am a fan of LinkedIn and it is a great place to connect with recruiters and decision makers in your ideal companies and industries.GET LINKED NOW (1)

Demishia.com The Corporate Entrepreneur come out and learn about strategies, information, and more to get your to 6 Figures and beyond.

Success Is Not Accidental!




Who Needs A Positive Mindset….

Everyone tells you that you need a positive mindset to succeed this is true but there is more.

Here are 5 other mindsets you need to accomplish goals and get to the next level!

  1. Confident mindset.

Do you trust your abilities? To do anything great, you have to be able to trust yourself and believe in your capabilities. Success is not accidental. It does not just happen it is created and begins with the mindset. You have to have the confidence to banish any negative voices, people, thoughts, and ideas in your head. Don’t give up on the things you believe in–and most important, don’t give up on yourself.

  1. Goal Digger mindset.

I truly believe everyone has goals but knowing what you want and willing yourself to reach it are two different things. When you know your goals they motivate you to execute them. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. You must be willing to set a high standards and goals for yourself and don’t stop until you reach them.who moved

  1. Courageous mindset.

Do not stay in your comfort zone. Doing anything great requires courage, but fear will show up. Courage does not mean being unafraid; having courage and showing courage means facing your fears, saying “I am scared and I am moving forward anyway.” Courage is like a muscle you can strengthen with use. When you move out of your comfort zone it will be scary but your Courage must kick in.

  1. Focused mindset.

Execution happens when you lock in in focus. Procrastination and doubt will to step in and that is when you must get focused. Being focused and disciplined is easier said then done. The best way is to stay in the here and now and to concentrate on everything going on in this particular moment.  Learn to detect and eliminate distractions and things that waste your time. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments, and a mindset of focus builds that bridge.

  1. Growth mindset.

The Corporate Entrepreneur SmallerTo experience growth you may feel as though you are struggling, that doesn’t mean you’re not learning and growing. Every failure, setback, or expectation not met has something to teach you, and everything you learn helps you grow. Make sure you have a mindset that is willing to learn. If you are unwilling to learn, no one can help you; if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

Get your mindset right!

Success Is Not Accidental
Demishia The Corporate Entrepreneur

3 Networking Tips For Beginners

Here are 3 great tips to start your networking journey.

Networking Tip 1:

Dedicate time for writing ‘power hours’.
Spend an hour each week handwriting notes to you potential mentors, people you want to interact with, and connections. This brings a personal touch they remember you by. You can also send an email checking up on them, asking how you can be of service. Don’t let the first time they hear from you be when you need something from them. Make sure your communications speak to your specific relationship with the recipient. If you don’t have time, you can also use services, such as Greetabl or MailLift, that send handwritten notes and even small themed packages for you.

Networking Tip 2: Learn to become an asset.
Think: How you can help other people? You can find out later how they can help you. The giver mentality results in authenticity and confidence. You won’t seem desperate like you are trying too hard because you are not asking for anything. Shift your mindset away from the taker mentality, because in this mindset you are coming from a place of scarcity and you come across as needy. When you go to networking events or are trying to connect and build your network focus on shifting into the giver mentality. This will help you operate from a place of abundance, you are calmer because you not expecting anything. This makes you a magnet for people. Being a giver helps you make meaningful business and personal connections.

Networking Tip 3:

It is time to identify and get to know superconnectors? A disproportionate number of friends and opportunities come your way through a handful of people. These are “superconnectors.” If you are bad at networking, then get to know the person who “knows everyone”. The way you can begin to identify this person(s) is by asking the following questions. Who helped get you your current job? Your previous job? Through whom did you meet the majority of your friends? Seeing any patterns?

Remember Success Is Not Accidental
Demishia Wright
The Corporate Entrepreneur

Are you a S.M.E.?

Hello Corporate Entrepreneurs!

A subjectmatter expert (SME) is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic.  Having uncommon knowledge and understanding of a process, product or system is how one gets the title of subject matter expert!

In the upcoming guide for young professions:

21 Questions You MUST Answer to Succeed in Corporate America

We ask the question Are you a Subject Subject Matter Expert?

To excel you need to become great at something. Your direct management, peers, and customers should be able pin point you as the go to person for something. Being a subject matter expert does not imply that you don’t know or understand other aspects of your business unit or organization, it just says you have vested enough time to learn something to be a value when needed. Once you have mastered one process, system, or product you naturally expand to become a subject matter expert in another eventually mastering it from end to end.

Success Is Not Accidental


My PeriGod Mothers: Periscopers to Follow

I joined Periscope and realized there is an overload of information there to help anyone with social media and their business endeavors. I don’t want you to compare your beginnings or mine to where they are in their journeys. I created this awesome list of virtual mentors who pop into Periscope like fairy god mothers and share golden nuggets.   I still have to research and execute on their nuggets to create my own greatness but in the meantime please enjoy them. They are all at different stages in their careers but all give me life, strategy, and energy to pursue my dreams and goals.

Replay of my PeriScope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgGJkY1bmE0

FYI they are not in any order but for all have a pen and paper so you can be SERVED:

@NapturalNicole also known as ScOprah and is a ball of energy! She will help you get your COINS and if you are not getting them she makes you feel like why NOT! I watched her quit her job on Periscope and has been in full get it done mode since!

Shade Y. Adu @shadeyaabirago – She has an energy that I just adore! You can see her hustle and passion for her brand. She gives you great content that you can use as a beginner building your brand. She loves lists and is always on the GO!

@ChaleneJohnson- She is just a calm Periscope BOSS! Everything about her screams Success! She has work , life, wealth balance figured out. I was on the Periscope when she popped into Nicole’s Scope and from there I saw what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Follow her on Periscope and she has great Podcasts.

@AudraRichmond- She is just so real with you on her scopes. She recently moved to Atlanta but that has not slowed her down. If you love great information on how the pros do it behind the scenes she gives you all the secrets that will help you with your coaching and speaking endeavors. She uses Facebook Ads and Analytics  like nobody’s business.

@byReginaTV- If you are a Infopreneur, Coach, or Creative you need to be following her period, no need to say more. Get on it Ninjas.

@KimGarst- SOCIAL BOOM! She gives you everything to get your life right on your social media platforms.

@ChristineDwyer- Gives you usable techniques and strategy in social media. Her techniques work for product based and service based entrepreneurs. She is a legit boss that seems so down to earth with great content.

@Mattieologie – Follow Mattie if you have blog. She gives you techniques, strategies, and examples to get your blog on point. If you want an awesome blog that actually creates revenue then you need to be watching her on Periscope. CONSISTENCY that is all Carry On!

@MayaElious – Do you need to find your purpose? Follow Maya Do you need to get your brand together? Follow Maya Want to see a cool pyramid on how info products can work for you? Follow Maya She is young but is wise beyond her years!

DemishiaW  The Corporate Entrepreneur

Success Is Not Accidental